The research goals of Chronotopic Cartography are many, but our key aims are:

  • To publish a custom XML schema covering spatial and qualitative linguistic detail (the Comparative Literaryscape Analysis Encoding toolset – CLAYE).
  • To create a searchable corpus of 60 texts, spanning six chronotopes (fictional form of literary settings – i.e. entirely fantastic, travel from real-fantastic-back to real, etc).
  • To demonstrate the use of both the above in generating visualised mappings of text sets.
  • To answer research questions around cognitive literary topography and use of place across texts.
  • To develop educational resources across different game systems to introduce core environmental literary criticism components (why settings matter) to primary and secondary school audiences. See the Litcraft page for more details on this.

Please follow this site’s blog as our work continues, and output begins to form in earnest, to learn more about the work.